Fleeting – new short film from Grawl!x premieres at QUAD

Fleeting, the new film from Derby filmmaker and musician Grawl!x has premiered over the weekend with a showing at QUAD.

The short film is a temporal tale of unrequited love, starring Adei Riley Bundy and Violet Evelyn Macmillan, it is set against the backdrop of the city and surrounding countryside. The film also stars Grawl!x (aka James Machin) and the soundtrack draws from his forthcoming third album Appendix, which is set for release early next year.

That album will form the closing part of a trilogy around the theme of grief and although the film stands alone it touches on this emotion too – the loss of the idea of love, the vulnerability in laying feelings bare, and the strength that is found in those most broken moments. Machin himself takes on the role of a Fool, in the Shakespearean sense, appearing as the entertainer in the background of many scenes and talking bluntly to characters about the temporary nature of life, with the nihilistic idea that ‘none of this matters’.

Shot partially in local woodland with a cinematic juxtaposition of the urban struggle and the rural return to self the film provides moments of light relief, with a theme that could stray toward bleak it strikes the right tone on being uplifting and focuses on self-sovereinghty and the cyclical nature of love as well as life.

The premiere was followed by a Grawl!x live set at Bustlers, including the first single from the new album Don’t Do It To Yourself. Featuring vocals from Danielle Cotterill of Pet Crow the track is set for a digital release before Christmas and will be followed by the album in spring next year through locally-based label Reckless Yes.

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