Jiji LaVolpe: Fragments – EP from Derbyshire folk artist

The first instalment of a new EP, Fragments, from Derbyshire folk artist and singer songwriter Jiji LaVolpe has just been released digitally.

Citing influences from Jack Johnson and Paulo Nutini through to Charlie Simpson and John Mayer both tracks on the release bring together bright guitar, circling melodies and soaring vocals.

The release comes later than expected with LaVolpe explaining on his Facebook page, “Ideas don’t always go to plan.
People change, situations change.┬áIt’s the magic of the human spirit that pushes us through the changes to adapt.

“I was meant to release an EP earlier this year, through many reasons this didn’t happen. I deleted everything, started again, rewriting, re-rehearsing, re-recording. By the time I finished I had changed how I felt, and only fragments of what remained I wanted.”

Blooming with innocence and optimism this is music which speaks less of the Derbyshire hills and valleys and sounds more like the emotionally-charged signal to accompany the lovelorn pathos of characters in an American teenage drama – and I mean that in the best possible way. These are songs of connection and as the chorus line kicks in on Give Me This the rallying call becomes infectious; your own heart swells, beats a little faster, you become more resolute.

Morning is softly layered, eyes to the brighter days to come once more, the guitar gentle but insistent beneath the vocals. A rap breaks into the middle of the song, unexpected and yet perfectly in keeping, it keeps the uplifting sentiment, the positive energy these tracks are infused with.


Fragments is available digitally now – find it on Spotify – and Chapter II of the EP is in production now.

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