Matt McGuinness and The MLC: The House Of The Dearly Beloved – EP review

Matt McGuinness and The MLC The House Of The Dearly Beloved EP Following on from the release of a couple of singles earlier in the year Matt McGuinness and The MLC have concluded 2017 with the release of their debut four-track EP, The House Of The Dearly Beloved.

There’s a bittersweet flavour to the tracks across this debut EP; resigned weariness nestles against the comfort of love, the cynical appraisal of today meets romantic sentimentality. There’s plenty of preaching on counting blessings while also an edge worn rough by the ills of the world.

On title track The House Of The Dearly Beloved (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah) there’s a complex beat behind the uptempo melody, as saxaphone soothes the throaty vocal. There’s a touch of calypso shading the bluesy rock n roll sound and the track sets the tone, if not the tempo, for what the rest of the release has in store.

Forlorn is similarly punchy, the saxophone punctuating the guitar and while In A Warm Embrace keeps accompaniment of the acoustic guitar and vocal to a minimum for a more folk singer-songwriter sound. On closer My Outstanding Desires there is just a rasping and rough-edged vocal line preaching, more blues delta than Derwent Valley as the declaration of enduring love is entwined with introspection.

As a debut release this reflects an artist who has something to say and is finding a way of saying it in their own voice, with their own melody as moments of bright energy shine through what is a polished production.

Matt McGuinness and The MLC‘s EP The House Of The Dearly Beloved is out now digitally on Furthest From The Sea Records, on the usual platforms.

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