Exciting releases for 2018 – our ones to watch in Derby and Derbyshire

After a great year in 2017 we’re already looking forward to a number of releases for 2018 from Derby and Derbyshire artists. We’ve put together our list of those we’re looking forward to (or hoping for) here at Storge but leave your pick in the comments or on social media to let us know what is getting you excited locally right now.

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Derby and Derbyshire releases for 2018 – our ones to watch

Haiku Salut

The third album from the Derbyshire three-piece Haiku Salut is due in 2018, following on from 2015 debut Tricolor and second album Etch and Etch Deep. Tracks from it have been debuted at recent shows – including this intimate tour warm up in Derby – and indications are for another belter of a long player full of intricate yet expansive and mesmerising instrumentals.

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Sex Jokes

This new project from Mighty Kids’ Shelley Jane Newman has been in the works for a while but has renewed a commitment to release music in 2018. A demo might be closer than we think as there’s a promise to share it on Facebook as soon as her page gets to 1000 likes (so go and give it the thumbs up if you haven’t already so we can all get our ears on the music)!

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Holding Patterns

A debut gig at Dubrek before Christmas has set the scene for this new project formed out of the ashes of Crash of Rhinos. We know the band has also been recording, as well as playing live, at the Derby studio so we’re hopeful for first tracks during 2018.

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The debut album from the Amber Valley band is due in February via Head of Crum Records and we can’t wait. They put in several raucous, exhilarating performances during 2017  and live we described them as a, “technically flawless as a band, the smiles from their master percussionist to the bassist during the semi-improvised drumming that leads into the start of the second song is always worth looking out for. Hints of loose structure dropped into tight prediction across the whole set. We’re looking forward to hearing how that translates to record.

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The third album from Derby multi-instrumentlist Grawl!x – aka James Machin – has been announced for release on locally-based label Reckless Yes in early 2018. Appendix will complete a trilogy of albums based around the theme of grief and follows on from 2014’s Good Grief, and 2016’s Aye!. 

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Replica Jesus

After frontman Mat Davies stepped away from music in 2017 the band have been re-grouping but its hoped the album they were working on over the last 12-18 months may see the light of day in some format, or that a new version of the band will re-emerge onto the scene in 2018.

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This duo of Cable / Hudson Super 6 bassist Pete Darrington (more on him later in this list) and Storge editor Sarah Lay (who together also form the Reckless Yes record label) emerged quietly on New Year’s Day 2017 and released four-tracks in the first half of the year. Things have slowed since then but it seems unlikely that the project is done, and that we won’t hear more of their shoegaze and spoken word sound in 2018.

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Unqualified Nurse Band

The band are already teasing that new music will be on the way soon in the new year and we suspect we’ll see another full length release from prolific and ever-evolving three-piece. In 2017 they released a double-A 7″ with Too Pure Singles Club as well as second album Trashland through local label Reckless Yes, keeping momentum going from 2016 when they debuted with EP Dilemma Blues and first album Debasement Tapes.

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Over the last 12 months Derby MC Eyez has started to make his mark on the grime scene ad show that it isn’t just London which has a claim to the genre. He’s released a couple of mix tapes over the last couple of years and we’re hoping for more as he keeps pushing Derby onto the scene map.

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Addictive pHilosopHy

They released a couple of singles in 2017 and are ramping up toward an album release later this year. With a solid fan base turning out as they play a seemingly endless tour and with some interest picking up from more mainstream media it might be the year that Addictive pHilosopHy find their ska punk in the ears of a new audience.

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Heavy Pets

Heavy Pets is the new collaborative project from Phil Wagg and Pete Darrington (previously of The Hudson Super 6) and a well known female singer songwriter on the Derby scene. Think dark rock and roll drawing on timeless diverse influences such as Link Wray and Johnny Cash all the way through to The Dead Weather, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Pixies. Expect a full line up announcement early in the new year that will contain a couple of big surprises.

Jamie Thrasivoulou / Bloque Capitals

Unofficial poet laureate of Derby Jamie Thrasivoulou has long said he wouldn’t make a return to music (he was in a number of Derby bands over the years including post-hardcore band In Flight Program) but has been tempted back to collaborate with Belfast-based electronic music artist Bloque Capitals. They’ve already released first track Anywhere Street DE1 with a mini album set to follow in 2018.

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Damn Cargo

Formed in 2017 and with a couple of demos already out, and first live gigs under their belts, Damn Cargo seem to be revving up for a first release proper of their post-rock pop-punk sound in 2018.

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Thee Deadtime Philharmonic

This will be one of the first releases we get to hear in 2018 as the album Estate Of The Heart from Burton / Derby band Thee Deadtime Philharmonic drops in February, and with the potential to give Sleaford Mods a run on bringing working class sermons to the masses this band are definitely one to watch (and catch live) in 2018.

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God No!

God No! are part Slint, part Shellac, part Pavement and part Brainiac. A kind of Derby micro supergroup, the band is composed of Pete Darrington on guitar and vocals (Cable, Hudson Super 6, SeiSui – and yes, most of the band’s in this list!) Shelley Jane Newman on bass and vocals (Mighty Kids, Sex Jokes), Ash West-Mullen on drums (Alright The Captain, Mender) and as yet un-named second guitar player. Although not a full time outfit due to other musical commitments, expect an EP of sledgehammer beats, killer riffs and angry shouting with a couple of choice live outings also.

Dude In Distress

Currently working on demos and heading toward recording and more live gigs imminently is pop punk band Dude In Distress – not much more is known about them at the moment but the early music is sounding great. There’s a touch of Blink-182 in the bold guitar and scrappy rhythms holding promise for what’s to come.

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