Derby Book Festival announce Flash Fiction Writing Competition

“So, the trick is to produce a complete story or narrative in EXACTLY 50 words (title excluded); no more, no fewer. Ideally it should be pithy, moving, enlightening, sweet, uplifting, dark or in some subtle way interesting. Well, that shouldn’t present much of a challenge to a person of my…”

Derby Book Festival has announced its Flash Fiction Writing Competition will this year have the theme of ‘If only…’ and entries are now invited ahead of the closing date on 8 February 2018.

With three age categories entries must have exactly 50 words and while the theme can be interpreted in any way each must be a complete story. Winning entries will be illustrated by University of Derby students, printed on festival bookmarks, and read at the event as well as published on the festival website.

Full details of the competition are on the festival website.

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