Alice Short: Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick – new video from Long Eaton rapper

Long Eaton rapper and poet Alice Short has released a new video for track Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick, taking on the sexual predators of Hollywood and systematic abuse now coming to light.

In a blunt flow Short calls out Weinstein but also the abuse of power in Hollywood. The video shows a model of the LA neighbourhood, smoke pouring from vents as a golden Mickey Mouse figurine stands central. Throughout the track black ooze seeps from the buildings, dripping over the movie posters, and running along the street; Mickey melts to nothing amid the rot.

Posting alongside the video Short said, “What more can be said? Harvey Weinstein, and many more like him in Hollywood are just pricks. No one should get away with abuse, the only problem is, this is systematic. It’s happening from within Hollywood. It only came out once Weinstein had lost his power. How many others will we hear about in the coming years? And how many people will defend them?”

Watch Alice Short Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick video


The video follows last year’s aN EP iN a dAY¬†which we reviewed here.¬†

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