Crimewolf: Crimewolf – debut album from Amber Valley noise rock band

Crimewolf album art by D FilisAs local releases go we’d have to say that the debut album from Amber Valley noise rock band Crimewolf has been one of the most highly anticipated of the last 12 months. Set for release 1 February 2018 on the Head of Crom Records / Kunst Gallery Belper labels, Storge editor Sarah Lay takes a listen.


“in a diy reverie. spilling drink across tables and seats, turn up the brightness. in the dark of a hibernating sun. parked by a river. don’t frown. there is always a rainbow.”

And so, after what seems like an endless wait despite Crimewolf only being on the scene for a relatively short while, we have our hands and ears on their self-titled debut album. It is, as we hoped, full of the ramshackle rock n roll of dark mill towns and the light of accepting imperfect perfection, bursting with the friction of frenetic energy and bluesy bliss outs.

Nine tracks all single word titles, the chaotic highlighter beauty of a D Filis cover, the softly rounded typography on the monochrome insert: from the design to the sound this is an album of clashes and jittery extremes, but one which comes together as a cohesive and creative whole.

Comparisons seem somewhat redundant on a record like this but there is something of The Fall, something of the dishevelled and dissected garage rock of that first Unqualified Nurse Band album too. But this is very definitely all Crimewolf. Call it noise rock, or art rock, or punk rock, it’s just bloody great rock – and just as great captured on record (by Dubrek) as it is live.

There will be tracks that grab up just as urgently, and occasionally uncomfortably, as they do when conjured from the air in front of you but carved in the groove for posterity are intricacies and flourishes – not for the sake of decoration but adding subtle depths – to delight your ear on each repeat listen.

A highly anticipated release which deserves to be heard more widely than just our local scene; loose and fast noise rock full of agitated guitar riffs and surprising free-falling jazz spirals, breaking down into art-punk squalls. Raw and visceral in places, but glowing even from its darkest heart, this album is blistering with punk rock energy and one you need to add to your collection with haste.

The album is available to stream via the Head of Crom Records Bandcamp now and will be available on limited 12″ vinyl from 1 February 2018. The band will play Kunst Gallery Belper on 24 February 2018 – Facebook details are here.

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