Anti-Pasti set for first hometown date in four years

Anti-Pasti logoPunk legends Anti-Pasti are set for their first hometown date in four years as they play the Hairy Dog on 28 April 2018.

Their first gig in the city since 2013 will see the band supported by Heavy Drapes, Knock Off and Spirit Bomb.

It follows the release of 2016 album Rise Up and the departure of frontman Gez Addictive, also of Addictive pHilosopHy, in 2016. Formed in 1978 Anti-Pasti are one of the key politico-punk bands, with their debut album having spent seven weeks on the charts following its release, and with a strong local following they supported bands including the ClashUK Subs and Dead Kennedys.

The band reformed in the mid-90s for some limited touring, and then got together again in 2012. This tour, including the hometown date, will be their first in four years. The band have retained their focus on live music and a statement on their website explains their ethos on this, “In these days of hashtag society and automation where every telephone call to a robot orders you press one for this department or two for another, is the art of conversation going to be lost? It’s a primal instinct for a person to communicate with the rest of the human race, so let’s get back to talking to each other and meeting up, let’s press flesh and support your local scene. See you at gig very soon.”

With a current line-up of Kevin Nixon, Ollie Hoon, Ben Hanson and Glynn Barber tickets for Anti-Pasti at the Hairy Dog on 28 April 2018 are available here and Facebook details are here.

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