Paytron Saint: Paytron Saint – debut power-pop EP from Derbyshire trio

Paytron Saint EP coverDerbyshire trio Paytron Saint have released their self-titled debut EP of soaring and earnest indie rock. Storge editor Sarah Lay takes a listen.


Opening with the peel of church bells the self-titled debut EP from Belper-based trio Paytron Saint quickly moves from the pastoral imagery the chimes bring to mind, into the solid uptempo indie rock of Connected. With a bolshy riff there is energy and just the merest hint of the The Kinks sense of Englishness to this rock, as electro-phasers whirr somewhat unexpectedly around the smartened-up grunge sound.

It’s a ghost of Everything But The Girl in the keening vocal and soft harmony of Neela, a majesty to the building melody but sounding mournful in the vocal. Here, as across the EP, the tracks take the bedsit introspection of classic ’80s indie and match it with the pomp and surety of ’90s rock. It should be a match which jars and feels uncertain of what its trying to be but the three-piece have wrangled the sound well, bringing it together in imperfect but hugely resonant power-pop.

Rabbit falls further into that grunge sound, vocals higher in the mix, and fuzzy guitar increasingly cycling over the cleaner beat as the track goes on while final track Main Thing has a slower, sparser start before beginning a gently climb toward the chorus. This is the emotional rock of Guided By Voices, and therefore by extension local boys Riding The Low, that delivers everyday poetics in soaring but cracked vocal melodies around by turns grinding and fuzz-edged guitar.

The band have set a clear direction for their sound with this first release with added flourishes to what might usually be expected of a power-pop sound making this an interesting listen full of subtle nods to a rich rock heritage.

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