Diseases of Venus: Holy Confusion – second single of 2018 from solo project

For the second time in three weeks, we are treated to new music from Nathan James Cantrill’s psychedelic concept project Diseases Of Venus. But while Our Lady Of The Meadows was tempestuous garage rock distilled into darkly layered psych ambience, Holy Confusion is something altogether more haunting – yet all the more enticing for it.

Cantrill describes his band as a ‘One Man Soothing Psychedelic Freakout’, but those words could just as easily apply to his latest track. From the shimmering guitar opening to the barely decipherable vocals, Holy Confusion invites you down the kind of bad trip that’s too seductive to resist.

In much of Cantrill’s work it feels like there’s some sort of secret, hiding away just underneath the surface, patiently waiting to be unearthed. But Holy Confusion is different. Its minimal composition and abrupt ending leave you feeling wanting, aching to unravel what might be cloaked inside. Yet there is some strange satisfaction to be gleaned from the realisation that this is just one man singing in reverberated echo above his guitar.

In the end, Holy Confusion is just that: an enigma of a treat that has you at once guessing at what more there might be and perplexed at the simplicity of its sound. It really is rather beautiful, but fleeting, leaving you grasping for what once was and eager to dive right back in.

Holy Confusion by Diseases Of Venus is out now on Bandcamp. Read our review of Diseases Of Venus debut album here.

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