Debut novel from journalist Sarah Lay announced

Sarah LayIndependent publishing house Reckless Yes have been busy again, this time with their announcement that they will be releasing the debut novel from Derbyshire-based music journalist and Storge editor Sarah Lay as a paperback and eBook in 2018.

Reckless Yes is more well known as a record label, with a stable that includes Pet Crow, Unqualified Nurse and Grawl!x, and Lay’s novel The Winter Passing will be the second book it has released following on from the Pete Darrington’s debut novel in 2017.

The story follows a character called Centaury Morrigan as her magical powers are re-awoken. Dealing with themes of memory, and familial as well as romantic love, the book is written in Lay’s immersive and poetic style. A contemporary fantasy, the novel is billed as the first in a trilogy.

“Writing the novel has been very different from being a journalist, or an editor. It’s been very liberating, in a lot of ways, to find my voice through those of the characters in the book. I began writing it as a story I would like to read, and it has been an interesting challenge to write in a much longer form as well as develop a bond to the characters; I felt very responsible for them by the end, but more responsible for the reader than I anticipated!

“The idea of The Winter Passing has been in my head a long time but was written very quickly once I got down to it, as was the second instalment with both completed in six months during 2015. The third in the series is nearing completion, so we plan for all three to be released in a quicker time frame than they took to collectively write.

“It’s exciting – and slightly scary – that it will finally be out there for others to read but I’m really pleased to have chosen to publish through Reckless Yes and be able to again apply the DIY ethos we use as a label to book publishing.”

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