SeiSui: Long Road Home – new single from Derby nu-gaze band

SeiSui Long Road Home coverSeiSui have thrown another track out of the box of this fledgling project, the brain child of Pete Darrington and Sarah Lay, also the co-honchos of Reckless Yes. They have elected to self-release Long Road Home instead of going through the company line, understandable as it is in its early days as projects go, with a stop-start release schedule.

Straight-laced for its genre, fuzzy, muddy, dirty guitar churns its way underneath a majority of the track supported by root note bass in 4/4 with standard rock drums. Stand out elements of note are some angry slide guitar work like a rusty Marion track, and guest vocalist Hannah Dactylion’s multi-layered vocals saturated in reverb that drift across singing of time travel and the Woolwich foot tunnel where you can apparently experience it. A more controlled guitar solo emulating what the slide was playing hits at the three quarters mark before the home straight race to the end of the track with a final chorus.

SeiSui is shaping up to be an interesting studio project in that the tracks are being recorded miles apart from each other. Darrington – who many will know from Cable and The Hudson Super 6 – is the mind behind all the music while Lay, a writer and editor of this publication, weaves lyrical tales of the strange over the top. This is their first release with a guest vocalist – using the ethereal tones of Hannah to bring a Cocteau Twins feel – and follows four tracks released in the first half of last year. Their approach seems to be one of DIY and recording in isolation from each other, making this an interesting mix of experience and new ground for those involved.

An EP is anticipated but the band remaining enigmatic and saying little more online about what their future plans might be.

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You can find Dactylion:

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