Crimewolf, The Evil Usses: Kunst Gallery Belper – live review

It’s officially freezing but none of us here begrudge it. The shed out the back of Kunst Gallery Belper is host to a variety of films, talks and gigs on a semi-regular basis and is warmed up by the excellent, if not capacity, turn out for tonight’s two bands, The Evil Usses and local heroes Crimewolf.

The gallery itself is a one room frontispiece which has had work from a large variety of artists, including but not limited to, Crimewolf’s own David Culleton, RE McGaul and Adam Quinn. They are currently exhibiting a collection of photography work taken and curated by Sam Horton and Luther Botrill. The upcoming Throbbing Gristle retrospective sold out a while back now. They’re also running a Primary School age self-portrait competition for the surrounding locale and they are co-responsible for the release of Crimewolf’s debut album along with Head of Crom Records.

Good things happen at Kunst. Many, varied, good things.

Tonight is no exception to the rule. The Evil Usses have travelled all the way up from the Bristol area, and despite the distance confidently tune up and launch into their neo avant funk groove thang. Prancing guitarist, curly mass of hair jabbling in syncopation with his movements, saxophonist in complex unison and a long haired grunge bassist lulling to and fro to the staunch beat of the cheery drummer, the band are note perfect in their pleasant assault. Some hints of early Cardiacs erraticism, their chilled grooves emanate from entertainers that are performing for themselves as if the audience is invisible. Borderline muzak in places, but with infinitely more intricacy and integrity they prepare us amply for the main act.

A quick break between bands so that we can go outside and appreciate that it is in fact warmer inside, and round two kicks in. On the drive over I subjected my other half to the Crimewolf album. Twice. She decided that David doesn’t shout. He rants. This is passionately accurate.

The band blast confidently through their set with one of their strongest performances to date, boosted clearly by the hometown crowd. An errorless assault, Chris Tree’s guitar cuts through everything to judder its way into your nerves, the whole unit’s music making you tap along like a punk reflex knee jerk.

There’s enthusiastic dancing, thrashing around more off the ground than on; the whole performance plays out to a decidedly congruous projection of Lord of the Flies. An excellent display all round. If you’ve not seen them already, you really need to get around to it soon.

Kunst Gallery Belper can be found;

  • in real life at The Old Nail Shed, Campbell Street, Belper.
  • on Facebook here.
  • and here.

The Evil Usses can be found;

  • on Facebook here.
  • on their own website here.

Crimewolf can be found;

  • on Facebook here.
  • buy their debut album from via Head of Crom here.

Images by RMCK Photography.

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