Eva Plays Dead: Get Back – first single off upcoming EP from Belper rock band

When done right, hard rock is incredibly exciting to listen to. It grabs you by the teeth with its pure power, engages you with its riffs, drums and pounding bassline, and by the end of it you’re left feeling like you’ve just stepped off the world’s most thrilling roller-coaster ride. With their new track Get Back – the first off their upcoming The Fix EP, due out 27 April – Belper-based rock band Eva Plays Dead demonstrate their prowess at crafting hard rock done right.

Right out of the tracks, Seb Boyse’s drums and Matt Gascoyne’s irresistible guitar let you know you’re going to be in for one hell of a ride. The opening 10 seconds are rough, raw, and heavy: absolutely everything you want from a hard rock record. It’s no wonder the band found themselves as a spotlight artist on Kerrang going into 2017.

From there, Get Back takes a slightly more melodic approach, as the band dial it back in time for vocalist Tig Dockerty’s gripping delivery. That’s not to say the track doesn’t reach such intense highs again; each chorus is a raucous explosion of noise that commands attention. But the balance of dark, electric outbreaks of energy with more mellow restrains (as much as this song can be mellow) keeps you hooked on every note without exhausting you across its four-minute runtime.

Beyond the instrumentation, the lyrics have a power all of their own. “Get back, stop looking at me,” Dockerty screams in the compelling chorus; “Am I going crazy, Am I alone,” she asks earlier in the song, referencing her battles with mental illness across 2017. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a rock band taking on such an issue so directly, giving the track extra weight that the instrumentation lacks by itself.

The fantastic video supports the message brought by the lyrics superbly. Images of prescription pills and flipped furniture overlayed by harsh, rough text, mixed with some awfully clever camerawork, perfectly demonstrate the challenges faced by those fighting against mental illness. In the middle of it all is Dockerty, using her pure rage and presence to bring the frenzied instrumentation to life.

Get Back is a terrifically powerful and engaging hard rock track that centres on one hell of an important subject matter. As the first taste off an EP that is promised to be just as personal, it has me positively yearning for more. But for now, this track – along with Eva Plays Dead‘s previous singles, EP, and album – are enough to keep me rocking out throughout the next two months.

Eva Plays Dead Get Back is out on Spotify and iTunes now. You can pledge to support their upcoming The Fix EP here.

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