Derby People’s Diary launch a new Zine for the city

Derby People’s Diary Zine launches its first issue today with an event at Bramblebrook Community Centre in the Stockbrook area of Derby city.

Featuring contributions from grassroots organisations Derby People’s Diary Zine is described as, “an inspiring insight into some of the excellent organisations and projects for social change and personal empowerment that exist in Derby.┬áThe Zine includes profiles, reflections on 2017 and hopes for 2018 from a variety of social justice, animal rights, artistic empowerment, environmental sustainability and wellbeing groups that are doing crucially important and excellent work around the city.”

Zines – short for magazine – have been around as a form of independent publishing since the 1930s and have supported subculture and counter-culture movements including sci-fi, punk and the third wave of feminism through Riot Grrrl. Often hand made through cutting and pasting techniques before being copied in small runs the format provides a vital channel through which minority and side-lined voices can share their stories. Far from being limited-scale ephemera Zines are recognised as important historical documents as well as subversive or independent means to communicate between communities.

Derby-based zines have come and gone over the years – their self-identification as a zine an important principle setting them apart from other media such as websites – and have often focused more on the music scene than broader aspects of society and community. Derby People’s Diary offers an online calendar of events for community and campaigning which sets the tone for the new publication they are curating.

The launch event takes place at Bramblebrook Community Centre on Stockbrook Street between 2 and 5pm today (Saturday 24 March 2018), it is free, family-friendly and there will be stalls, food and an open mic. More details can be found on Facebook here. Copies of the Zine can be found at the event, or a Sound Bites Derby.

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