Eva Plays Dead frontwoman Tiggy Dockerty talks mental health

Ahead of the release of their new EP Eva Plays Dead frontwoman Tiggy Dockerty has shared her story of living and dealing with mental health, following a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

In the YouTube Q&A Dockerty talks about how personal recent single Get Back is to her, and her own diagnosis and experience with mental health and Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar is marked by alternating periods of depression and elation (also called mania) and Dockerty was diagnosed during 2017 following struggles with mental health throughout her life.

The frontwoman of the Belper-based rock band also has a background in nursing, and talks openly and honestly in the video about her own medication both before and following her diagnosis, as well as other options which people may find they are offered. She also talks about the health system, the amount which is still unknown about mental health, and how having a condition remains a personal experience with individuals affected and treated in differing ways.

“If someone in your life is low, it’s important you support them. There is no quick fix.”

Dockerty talks about how difficult it was to get a diagnosis, despite numerous physical symptoms and previous bouts of depression, but that actually having a name for her condition has helped her cope as well as explain her needs to others.

The video is the first in a series in which Dockerty intends to talk more about mental health, including bringing in other people to share their experiences, and support an open and honest conversation.

Watch Tiggy Dockerty of Eva Plays Dead mental health Q&A video


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