The Hungry Freaks: The Hungry Freaks – debut EP from Derby band

The Hungry Freaks ep coverThere are songs which on first listen are a salve and soothe you into feeling more comfortable in your uncomfortable skin. They are wry, they are self-deprecating, they are an outsider looking in. They are unafraid of what they are while remaining timid viewed from broader aspect. They are instantly in jangling resonance with your cowering corners of self.

And so it is with the four-tracks making up the self-titled debut EP from Derby trio The Hungry Freaks. The sort of lo-fi, perfectly misstepping pop made for mishaps everywhere, and instantly a set of songs in sync with the twee-core crowd.

Formed of brothers Alex and Will Sabey, and best mate Jack Stackhouse, so far so average in the tale of modern rock n roll as they stake a claim for the EP to  ‘set upon parting the band from the waves of current music.” It’s assumed they mean current chart offerings, and the identi-fit male stale and pale of banal guitar bands, from which they do stand aside. They would however find solidarity of sound with plenty of bands around on the psyche-punk and indiepop scenes, and it’s no bad thing at all to find a tribe toward which to drift.

Kicking off with Bedroom Pop the opening track brings in the woozy haze of psych behind the jangle of pop. There is the hiss, fizz and speak-sing tones of The Spinto Band, but remaining resolutely lo-fi. They follow up with Colonel Mustard, all jangling guitars and echo vocals full of the ’60s sound and lyrical eccentricity, the merest nod to more current sunshine psych like The Smoking Trees born out by repeat listens.

The only track to break the three minute barrier is Smoking On The Rooftop, a mix of languid guitar solo, distant vocals and percussive rhythms. Charlie, Where Are You? brings the EP to a close with…the sound of silence for the first two minutes of this 2’48” track. It ends with some gentle hum and strum; awkwardness and the comfort of sound in a single track.

A lovely little first EP of gently discordant and subtly wry lo-fi bedroom pop from this Derby three-piece from who we hope to hear more.

The Hungry Freaks self-titled EP is available now on the usual digital platforms including Spotify and iTunes, and through Bandcamp.

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