Spleen: Jane Finds A New Home – debut lo-fi ambient EP

SpleenLo-fi bedroom psychedelia/electronica is how Spleen‘s debut EP has been sold to us, and its slow opening is reminiscent of Primal Scream and Blur’s more laid back approach to music around the early 2000s. An easy groove that slowly builds up its layers, straight forward unobtrusive drums with mild overdrive drift in over the tapped and dulled glass bottle rhythm that keeps things moving forward pleasantly before a reasonably fast LFO affected synth pad wanders in and the introduction of a vocal sample that would place the whole track happily within Moby’s Play album, which of itself was a fairly eclectic offering.

The whole album is interestingly laid out in that the first official track is all of the other five tracks in one continuous file, which to a certain extent influences how you choose to listen to the collection. The second track has an equally minimal feel to it, maybe late ’90s chillout room. The builds and percussion removals in stages are subtle with an ever present held bass moving around the chord sequence. I’m in danger of just going for a lie down by now and in honesty I wouldn’t mind with this EP on a loop.

Looking over the track names, it comes across as if the album is put forward as a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist, which on the one hand is a shame that we won’t get to watch it, but on the other may be a possibility for a future follow-up project should Spleen decide to move forward with another album. The remainder of the album plays out in what would be a standard three act film set up and retains its calm and steady vibe.

It’s an excellent, well-constructed EP, but sadly it is let down by the rushed track editing at the final stage. The longest track containing everything ends abruptly missing out the last minute and a half, and the start of a couple of tracks can be found on the end of the previous tracks which negates the aesthetic pleasure in listening to any particular file in isolation. If this was rectified then I’d be urging you all to buy it, but as it stands or until it is addressed then streaming may be the better option.

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