Scribble Victory: All The Best Comebacks – single review

Scribble Victory, local two-piece of standing percussionist/vocalist Tomas Ward and fingerstyle/chord blend guitarist/vocalist Jamie Thompson have released a new single in the form of All The Best Comebacks and its infectious upbeat story-driven melody signals the start of summer already. Forget spring, I’m done. Summer. Barbecue time.

Scribble Victory

The first listen of this glorious indie pop masterpiece in my house was a testament to their sound in that inside thirty seconds I was grinning like an idiot, absorbed by the simplicity of the stabbing intro and subtle reverb slapped tails. By the end of the song the rest of the household had descended on my office to see what it was and demand a second play through (and the rest of this domicile can mostly be unfathomably difficult to musically impress).

A moving apology of a song, the constant trademark harmonies are constructed perfectly to mathematically paint the right emotion, to match the rise and fall of the lyrical content. It largely takes the natural ebb and flow of spoken metre and augments it further. The melodic guitar knows exactly when to noodle and when to chord, the bass is supportive and the drum fills and hi hat variations add variance to a simple predictable structure in keeping with the genre. It’s a pop music theorist’s dream.

What is also impressive is the speed at which the melody infects your brain and stays there. I’d listened to it twice in the morning and was replaying it in my head right up until I sat down to document all this now. Guitar lines that joust with the two part harmony wonderfully.

I have no doubts that the high quality music video that Scribble Victory have produced had a substantial influence in my opinion. Filmed at Baby People’s main base of operations and featuring Messy Moss, Heidi Donohue and a momentarily sultry Captain Dan thoroughly enjoying themselves, there’s something new to find with each watch.

Scribble Victory are marking the single launch with a gig at Dubrek Studios on 5 May 2018.

You can find Scribble Victory:

And you can meet Captain Dan on the Belper Arts Trail 6 and 7 May 2018.

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