Footwrist: Footwrist 0 – debut EP from Antifolk solo project

FootwristOne week ago a new musical project going by the name of Footwrist appeared around Facebook, as if out of nowhere, and it turns out it is the new lo-fi/Antifolk/acoustic project by Hannah Smith, best know as front person of Derby’s very own shoegaze band Dactylion. This project however is as far removed from the music of that band as you could get.

The three tracks that so far have been released are roughly recorded and raw to the bone, but show a wonderful youthful energy and teenage innocence that make these songs beautiful and charming to listen too. First track Screaming In A major starts off the don’t-give-a-damn-no-bullshit-I’ll-write-about-what-I-want attitude that I find so appealing from this project. Just under three minutes of almost melodic screaming (presumably in A Major) over a raw punky acoustic guitar, finishing with a breakdown of laughter.

Locked In My Dad’s House is the second offering in this trilogy of songs. A two minute ode to being locked in her dad’s house due to leaving her keys somewhere while needing to be at work in a few hours. Late Night Talks comes in to close the set of tracks and finally shows off what a fantastic songwriter Smith is, and what a great voice she has – something we knew from Dactylion but she’s also recently lent her tones to SeiSui on track Long Road Home. A short but beautiful song about love, dreams and late night conversations with a someone special – a place I’m sure we have all been to at least once in our lives.

Coming in at under nine minutes in total these three songs are a perfect introduction to Footwrist that keeps you wanting more. All three songs, although each very different are all an honest and to the point reflection of one person’s thoughts and feelings put to music. Hopefully with the lo-fi, DIY emphasis of this project there will be more songs to follow very soon.

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