Crowdfunder launched toward cancer treatement for Sarah Brigham

Sarah BrighamA crowdfunder has been launched toward paying for cancer treatment for Derby Theatre’s artistic director and chief executive Sarah Brigham.

Brig-Aid is aiming to raise £60,000 to fund treatment for Brigham in Germany and just 24 hours after launch is heading toward 30% complete thanks to the generosity of supporters.

Brigham has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) – which affects only two in every million people in the UK and has resulted in a six inch tumour in her trachea. It cannot be operated on due to its size and location, and this form of cancer is resistant to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The best treatment is carbon ion therapy but this is not available on the NHS and Brigham must travel to Germany, where she will be able to undergo therapy. The cost is a huge £60,000 but friends, colleagues and artists have rallied around to launch the crowdfunder and are hoping to hit the target in just 12 weeks. As well as welcoming individual contributions local creatives will be organising events to support the fund.

Sarah Brigham joined Derby Theatre at the start of 2013 and took on the newly created role of Artistic Director and Chief Executive in 2016. Under her tutelage audience figures have grown and she’s a recognised figure in the world of theatre for the success and support she’s shown in the regions.

Of her diagnosis and treatment she is quoted on the crowdfunding page as saying, “On the positive side (there has to be one right!) I physically feel ok and I remain positive. If you see me you wouldn’t know I have this 6 cm tumour in my windpipe. I’m still working, still laughing, still putting the world to rights and still talking in a broad Hull accent. So Cancer is not winning!”

The crowdfunding page is open for donations and can be found here. More detail via the Brig-Aid facebook page here.

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