The Herron Brothers crowdfund toward release of new album

Derbyshire duo The Herron Brothers are nearing the end of their crowdfunding campaign, trying to raise £20,000 toward the release of their next album The Last Ones Left.

However, this isn’t any usual campaign; The Herron Brothers have already made their album, so none of the money will go towards recording, mixing or the release. Instead, it will be used to hire a PR company in London for a six month promotional campaign, shoot three industry standard videos, and cover the costs of a UK tour in the autumn. With just a few days left to go they’ve raised just over £2,200 from more than 80 backers – but even if they don’t reach their £20k target they’ll receive all funds pledged.

In return for support they’re offering some pretty interesting rewards:

  • the backer can buy into the album and it’s future sales, with a possibility of making £25,000.
  • for £5000 they’re offering up the front cover of the album to have the buyer’s face on it
  • for the full £20,000 you can literally tell The Herron Brothers to do anything. Well, anything within reason.

The Herron Brothers – real-life brothers Paul and Steven Herron – have played together for throughout their lives and previously released music as The Sons. They released an album and have released several EPs under their current name but consider The Last Ones Left to be their true debut.

“The Herron Brothers have been together for three years now but Steven and I have been making music together for many years,” said Paul Herron. “We’ve consistently put our heart and soul into everything we’ve done, the songs have been great, we think, but all the other results we’ve had have been just ok.

“Quite frankly, we’re sick of doing things ok, it’s a very tough business to break into, and you can’t continue to be ok and expect to get anywhere, hence the pair of us taking control of everything and raising the amount of money we need to get the songs into as many thousands of pairs of ears and eyes as possible.”

The Herron Brothers’ album, The Last Ones Left, contains the pick of the best songs the band have written over the past five years. Back the Indiegogo campaign here.

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