Emzae: Lucid Dreaming – new single from Derby songwriter and producer

Emzae Lucid DreamingLucid Dreaming, the latest track from Derby singer, songwriter and producer Emzae, is out now and Storge editor Sarah Lay writes it is a delicate and summery electro-pop track.


‘Music is for dreamers, music is…music is for dreamers’: the refrain repeats throughout Lucid Dreaming, the latest track from Derby-based songwriter Emzae.

Hypnotic reputation by the crystalline voice, edges softened and distant in the mix as ’90s trip hop is evoked with the down-tempo beats and humming synths. Just like its artwork (by Adam J Illingworth) this track is blurred, the soft hours of a late night becoming an early morning humming through its bars, those introspective-everything conversations picked up in the spoken word breaking in to the background of the outro.

The pop production of Emzae‘s other work – including 2016’s Double Life concept album – takes a backseat on this track, giving way to subtler tones and a maturing approach to sound. This still has the lo-fi hiss of bedroom pop, but its growing up with honesty and vulnerability.

Described by Emzae as a ‘love song to music’, the constant motivator throughout her life, she uses the idea of lucid dreaming, where the body sleeps but the mind is active, to represent the drift through the day-to-day with the creative spark flitting inside you. She says the song has ‘urgency’ and while this is true lyrically, with a yearning to create music, melodically there is a more laid-back feel, enveloping the listen gently and mirroring the way Emzae says she feels ‘consumed’ by music itself.

Part of an album-in-progress about where Emzae is in her life, both geographically and personally, the track gives a positive indication of her musical direction and is a strong track for hazy summer nights.

Lucid Dreaming is out now across digital platforms. Read our interview with Emzae on the site here.

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