Supersonic Death Monkey: Blueprints for Destruction EP review

Supersonic Death Monkey’s debut EP Blueprints for Destruction has landed in our inbox. Released last October and widely available digitally, it’s a decent benchmark for future output from the band.

The tracks are a cross-section of genres, so pinning them down to a specific subset is tricksy, but the collection is worthy putting on repeat. Recording quality is clear and mixed straight and standard to rock textbooks, complete with mild overdrive on the more growly vocals, as well as different patch and pedal settings from guitar solos to stand out against the chug-slaught. It’s good and the only aspect I thought could beef it up a notch is to have some more layers in the vocals to broaden it out against the guitars and distortion generally.

Self-heralding as hard rock and doom, it’s more of the former (although based on three songs it’s possible that there’s more doom live than on tape).

The opening track Roll Right Over You gives us some upbeat blues rock inspired riffage in typical triplet swing horse canter tempo. Lyrically depressing, it sings of highs and lows, gutters and mountains and bouncing back like some biblical super-mega-Job.

The second track, Bearclaw Warlocks, grabbed my attention more with a steady pattern drum intro – the removal of guitars makes you sit up briefly and it’s good to hear it isn’t a constant barrage when they do return. The riffs, melodic lines and chord inversions within the more showy patterns are reminiscent of early ’90s Megadeth which is no bad thing given that it’s a style that isn’t overused at present.

Back to the horses for the final track, The Mirror, which returns to the standards set with the first track, but with a bit more space and a little more twang towards the end as the organ keys start to fade in to fill in the gaps before a final reprise of the main theme.

It’s promising and probably well worth seeing these guys live for more if this is your bag, hopefully even another EP before the year is out, too.

Supersonic Death Monkey can be found;

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